Riley Mark Dahlberg
Cute boy, with a loving family!
Hunter Payne
206 sth 7th ave east
Truman, MN 56088
There doesn't seem to be anything more difficult than losing your child. I can only imagine how your hearts ache. But, if I can ask you one thing - - please don't blame yourselves or each other. CLING to each other as never before. I never heard about the accident and don't know who else was hurt. We were in the Cities for a wedding the day of the visitation and funeral. I bought a toy in Riley's memory for Toys for Tots. I'll try to show it to Linda. Riley is spending the holidays safe in Jesus' arms. May you know God's love and peace.
Marcia Clay
2134 270th Ave
Truman, MN 56088
Blake, Christina & family, We are so sorry for the loss you are going through. May the memories you have of Riley stay with you forever and help you through this difficult time. Our deepest sympathy to all of you. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you. May God hold you all close.
Tom & Brenda Zehnder
2138 State Hwy 15
Truman, MN 56088
Hi Blake and Christina. There are no words at time like this. I could feel the wonderful warmth of your son when I read his obituary. What a sad time, but he clearly left his mark on your hearts in the short time you had him here. I am so sorry for your loss and you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers.
Laura ( Zehnder) Bidne
158 Pond Drive
Jackson, MN 56143
Blake and Christina Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as you go through this very difficult time. The Lord has a plan. We take comfort in the memories that we have with them and know we will see them again! Take care and we're thinking of you often. Derik, Rise', and Logan Schwanz
Derik & Rise' Schwanz
To the family of little Riley: My sympathy and prayers to all of you as you walk through this valley of grief. There are no words that can even begin to lessen your pain. Know that as others pray for you, you will feel Jesus holding your hand and taking you through the darkest hours. "May the grace of The Lord Jesus be with you." Rev 21:22 Claudia Schaaf(Lang) Fairmont
Claudia Schaaf
114 Fairview Ave.
Fairmont, Mn 56031
I send you my deepest sympathy on the loss of your beautiful son. I can not imagine losing a child. May God wrap his arms around you and give you peace and comfort.
Linda Klein
PO Box 81
Dunnell, MN 56127
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time.
Joni and Mike Frey
I'm Kari Terry's sister and think the world of Joe and Angie. And I just wanted to tell you how terribly terribly sorry i am for your family. I cant imagine any worse hurt in the world. My daughter Destiny Meyer was a helper at Bible School this past summer and her and her cousin Devin Terry helped the class with all the littler kids that Riley was also in. But she told me this summer about this little boy named Riley and how he stuck out in the group to her and that he was so cute. She feels terrible too. Your family is in our prayers and thoughts so much. Its so difficult i dont know what else to say but try to take care of your self and your family and you'll always have Little angel Riley watching over you.
Michelle Iverson
We are thinking of you at this time.
Jay and Rikki Townsend
Box 117
Fairmount, ND 58030
I do not know you personally, but was next door nieghbor to Kevin and Kari until we recently moved. I have no words at all that can make this better, but you are in my prayers, and I am sorry.
Gwynne Mishler